why edify

Let's face it: business communications are personal. So it's time for enterprise technology to work that way.

Our Story

Co-founded by Cameron Weeks and Bracken Fields, Edify is a global communications company with the goal of making business communications as easy as personal ones. The pair created their first VoIP company in 2007, grew it into a global platform, and have been building contact center solutions together ever since. Their mission to fix enterprise communications once and for all led them to start from the ground up with a platform of their own.

We know the frustration of bad service because we're customers too - so we built Edify to finally give people the technology they need and deserve.

Woman speaking into headset

The Urgency of Change

Customer service is broken - stuck in a time warp. As everything has evolved around it, the technology available to support the way businesses engage with customers has mostly stood still. The tools we have on our phones are wildly superior to what's available to us when we engage with our favorite brands. The truth that no one wants to say out loud is that Big Tech has held the customer experience hostage for decades with its giant servers, complex implementations, buried software, and expensive contracts. And that's just not ok with us.

So we founded Edify to seize the opportunity in the void and to remove the roadblocks between your brand and the experience everyone deserves.

We are customers helping customers. Employees helping employees. We are people helping people have better experiences at work and in life.

Why Choose Us

With customer experience being the final frontier in winning the hearts and dollars of consumers long-term, the brands who prevail are going to be the ones who have the tools to do what no one else can. At last, there's a predictable, reliable, cost-effective, transparent, full-featured, cloud-native, easy-to-get-and-use, intuitive, accessible, genius single piece of software that's changing everything.

Edify CX unites CCaaS, UCaaS, and CPaaS/API functionality in a cloud-native solution that lets users move seamlessly among channels within one conversation, just as we do on our phones. By switching to Edify, you get:

  • Global availability
  • Real-time redundancy
  • No-waste pricing
  • 100% SLA Uptime guarantee
  • Unparalleled call quality
  • Higher agent productivity
  • Lower AHT & increased FCR
  • Reduced speed to answer

... and a whole lot more. The time for more enjoyable work and better service experiences is here - and so are the tools. We are Edify. And we're customers too.

Edify's Core Values