As customers, we know the frustration of bad service. As inventors, we knew we could fix it. Enterprise communications should be as easy as personal ones. Employees and agents need the freedom to interact with colleagues and customers by phone, text, email, social, and video, just like they do on their phones — in one window, with one click. See what you can do with Edify.

Our secure global platform runs active-active instances on Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS across 37 multi-cloud data centers. Get phone number and minutes origination in over 60 countries, as well as the peace of mind that all voice, video, and data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

What Makes Us Different

Deliver a secure, reliable, and truly unified customer and agent experience. It’s faster, more personalized, and equally impressive across all channels. Our all-in-one solution includes these platform-wide features:

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Install and scale effortlessly, enjoy hassle-free upgrades, and remove maintenance headaches.

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One Window, One Screen View

Bring all solutions, databases, and channels together in a single view for better user experiences.

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Machine Learning

Reduce customer and agent effort while increasing satisfaction, with intelligent self-service options.

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Mobile App

Maintain the flexible, productive work environment your teams need to succeed with our mobile app.

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Full-Stack 100% Uptime SLA

Enjoy the industry's highest and most inclusive SLA, backed by a 10x financial guarantee.

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Global Availability

Work from anywhere, whether you have a single contact center or agents scattered across the globe.

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Built-In Telecom

Leverage built-in telecom, including minutes and phone number origination in over 60 countries.

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Easy Integrations

Integrate real-time services, applications, and popular CRMs using our open API framework.

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Multi-Cloud Architecture

Protect your mission-critical contact center operations with a true multi-cloud solution.

Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended

Edify and Chrome OS are setting a new standard for the contact center - one window-one screen solution for enterprises.

“Google likes Edify’s approach to contact center — coming from a different place, trying to do things differently, and is highly innovative. Google said Edify aligns with its philosophy of innovating and doing things differently.”

Google Puts Chrome OS to Work in Contact Centers By Sheila McGee Smith 9.27.21

Edify is a Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner for the contact center. Edify worked with Google to extend product functionality, quality, security, and user experience. Google agrees Edify CX meets the highest performance standards and is easy for employees and businesses to adopt.

Edify on Chrome does away with the bad experiences associated with complex contact centers. Users can interact with colleagues and customers just like they do with friends, via phone, text, email, and video – all on one screen. It’s the simplicity, security, and ease today’s enterprises need.

Together, Edify and Google market, sell, and continually innovate to develop new and expanded ways for Edify to work with Chrome OS and Chromebooks.

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With Edify on Chrome, Users Can:

  • Use one window for everything and take full control. No more searching, transferring, or delays. Business communications finally feel more personal.
  • Forget provisioning hardware, configuring security settings, and worrying about viruses and malware.
  • Get up and running in minutes on one cloud-native solution without sacrificing quality or capability.
  • Make work-from-anywhere a reliable, cost-effective, and secure reality.

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